Final Fantasy XV

A Fantasy Based on Reality

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Final Fantasy XV - A Long Time Coming
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Final Fantasy XV

A community for discussion and sharing information on the upcoming title, Final Fantasy XV

Want to share your icons or other graphics? Absolutely!
Please keep all images over 650px wide under a cut, and if posting multiple images, please only post up to 3 outside of a cut and the rest behind one.

Fridays will be Fanart Fridays and I encourage people to share their works. If sharing work by another creator remember to post a source back to that artist's post (be it DA, tumblr or their own website) and ask permission before sharing as well. Some artists don't mind, others become very upset seeing their stuff shared without their knowledge, sourced or not.

Fan fiction, unfortunately, won't be allowed here for the time being.

I'm not a particularly good mod or community leader, but I wanted something more than just tumblr to talk about the game. I feel like I idly reblog stuff there, but never start a discussion, so I'm hoping that this community can be utilized as such

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