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Patched Demo

Prepare to boot up your copy of FFXV again next month! We should be seeing a patch for the demo at some point in May! (Hopefully. It seems a bit in the air now, but it looks promising! Maybe we'll get another feedback survey to fill out)

In case you didn't watch it, songbirds linked to the Active Time Report yesterday from Tabata and Ofuji and it's filled with all sorts of neat information relating to the survey and things we can look forward to both in this patch and the final game c:

I'm really looking forward to better camera controls.

Results of survey, ho!!!

So did y'all see this article / video going over the results of the Duscae survey? C:

On Kotaku~

Awesome cosplay

It's fanart Friday and I'm pleased to post this as our first image c:

Image source LeonChiroCosplayArt on DA

I was commenting how I can't wait for a really good Gladio cosplayer to show up and Etro certainly delivered.

The cosplayer above wanted me to emphasize that this is a work in progress, so we have a complete cosplay to look forward to!

Be sure to check out his library of works, he has a lot of very good stuff!

full imageCollapse )

Little Details

Mucking around in the game the other week I creeped up on the group's car and took a gander at it's license plate.

I think it reads "Insomnia. The Royal Centre/Center"

So then I started to creep at other cars (Large images)Collapse )

It mostly got me excited to think about how large and expansive this game will be and wondering about how many people and places there will be. I vaguely recall the team talking about how they tried to give each location a unique culture and feel so that it didn't all feel the same.

I also ponder a little on the possibility of DLC to expand the world even further or if they'll just use that for cheesy things like XIII's costumes and weapons. How do you feel about possibly DLC for the game? What would you want from it?

We're almost at the end of April, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more feedback from the development team!

Ps4 vs. Xbone

A little clip comparing the graphics between the PS4 and XboxOne.

Personally I can't really tell a difference. Maybe there's a sliiiight difference in the draw distance but I can't really tell by watching this clip. Do you see a difference?

What platform are you getting the game for?


2013 E3 video clip

For some reason I feel like I hadn't seen this clip before so I'm sharing it.

I think it's neat we'll get a bit of a look into Noctis' childhood, but I wonder if it'll be explained through game play (haha, playing as little Noctis and seeing the others as kids/younger would be hilarious) or purely cinematics.

Aye, the end of this month can't come fast enough, I want to hear new information from the team!


So, there was an influx of members a few days ago so I'd like to say hello to everyone ^^/

I really want to talk about this game with people so please feel free to make posts and start conversations as well!
I post daily mostly in an effort to keep this from becoming one of the many dead or dying communities this site is over run with already, but I'm not always sure what to talk about >_<;

BUT! I'm willing to talk about almost anything related to the game ^^;

So, yes. Feel free to make posts about anything, I'd love to hear more from everyone that has joined c:

Feelings about the voice actors

A clip featuring the English cast they used in the demo.

Personally, I don't like Noctis' voice very much in English and Ignis feels not great either. I don't mind Gladio and Prompto though.
Cidney's voice actor I actually think sounds a little cute.

I sort of hope they choose different voice actors for the boys anyway. Not that I should care too much as I'll probably play the game in Japanese. I liked the entire cast for that. Tetsuya Kakihara as Prompto is probably my favourite though.


Type-0 has sold a million copies!

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been shipped over a million copies worldwide! They revealed that Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae feedback questionnaire will be closed on May 19, 2015 in Japan. There’s a new Active Time Report coming on April 28, 2015, focusing on Player’s Feedback based on Final Fantasy XV demo. More details about the schedule will be shared later.


Get excited, guys!
At the end of the month we'll get more info on what sorts of changes we should expect for the final game.

Congrats to the Type-0 team for achieving a million copies sold as well!
To be honest though, I bought it almost entirely for Episode Duscae and have put probably less than 2 hours into it so far.


E3 hopes

with E3 coming up in a couple of months, what are you looking forward to he team talking about at the expo?

For myself, I'm eager to find out more about the ladies they've introduced to us. I'm also super curious if Noctis and Stella's relationship has changed over the years of development.

And new trailers, hah.