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Duscae 2.0

Has anyone had a chance to play the updated demo since it came out Tuesday?

I've only gotten a few minutes into it, but I'm loving these little couple quests where you go off with one fellow and the others... go off and do something else? I sort of wish you could find them on the map but they'll just be doing their own thing. Maybe Ignis at the camp/trailer cleaning, cooking, making tea, ect, Gladio doing a work out or looking at a herd off mobs wondering about which is tasty. Prompto... just being a careless child, hah. Or in towns maybe they other two will be off trying to talk to people.

I tried to fight the Catoblepas and was murdered beyond murdered. I didn't even know you could have a game over in the demo until then.

The camera was improved, but I think there's still room for it getting better. The improved battle and implementation of combo attacks is nice so far, looking forward to where it goes in the final product.

That's about all I got a chance to look at though.