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Active Time Report 6

Tabata and Ofuji give more information about the DUSCAE 2.0 release now scheduled for June 9th.

Points of interest:

Stella has officially been nixed from the game with Luna replacing her as a main female character. This doesn't come with too much shock considering Stella has been missing from promotional materials for some time now.

The address a few more concerns people brought up about the demo, such as not being able to swim despite a promo video showing Noctis doing just that in 2013. Apparently, while they can focus on this, the work load would be massive to include battles with the boys and they would have to sacrifice other things to implement this. Perhaps for DLC in the future.

Possibly adding in a stamina indicator so you'll know when Noctis is about to tire. It isn't clear if this will be a bar on screen or more of a visual indicator with Noctis' behaviour.

Tabata said in a message that this is a different game than what Final Fantasy Versus XIII would have been and there have been changes to make this the best game they can make.

What are your thoughts on these points or others given in their ATR?


Jun. 11th, 2015 06:08 am (UTC)
It probably means that whatever the original script was they've changed it up a lot. I mean, they chopped out the entire Stella plot line, which seemed important in the ads way back, so... I think the general lore has shifted too. And Noctis seemed all doom and gloom in the earliest promos where now he's a dork with three other dorks and just a bit sleepy.