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I wish I had a PS4 or XBox One so I can finally play FFXV!!! >.
Late, but...

What do y'all think of the VR stuff?


New Trailer!

We got a new Trailer tonight from Gamescon!

It really doesn't say too much, but baby Noctis is a little precious.


Duscae 2.0

Has anyone had a chance to play the updated demo since it came out Tuesday?

I've only gotten a few minutes into it, but I'm loving these little couple quests where you go off with one fellow and the others... go off and do something else? I sort of wish you could find them on the map but they'll just be doing their own thing. Maybe Ignis at the camp/trailer cleaning, cooking, making tea, ect, Gladio doing a work out or looking at a herd off mobs wondering about which is tasty. Prompto... just being a careless child, hah. Or in towns maybe they other two will be off trying to talk to people.

I tried to fight the Catoblepas and was murdered beyond murdered. I didn't even know you could have a game over in the demo until then.

The camera was improved, but I think there's still room for it getting better. The improved battle and implementation of combo attacks is nice so far, looking forward to where it goes in the final product.

That's about all I got a chance to look at though.


Episode DUSCAE 2.0 preview

Preview video highlighting some changes to expect on the demo update on June 9th.

Improved graphics and frame rate, new camera controls and changes to the battle system, new mobs to interact with, new interactions between the boys, new quests and a few other treats are to be expected.

I'm very excited!

Active Time Report 6

Tabata and Ofuji give more information about the DUSCAE 2.0 release now scheduled for June 9th.

Points of interest:

Stella has officially been nixed from the game with Luna replacing her as a main female character. This doesn't come with too much shock considering Stella has been missing from promotional materials for some time now.

The address a few more concerns people brought up about the demo, such as not being able to swim despite a promo video showing Noctis doing just that in 2013. Apparently, while they can focus on this, the work load would be massive to include battles with the boys and they would have to sacrifice other things to implement this. Perhaps for DLC in the future.

Possibly adding in a stamina indicator so you'll know when Noctis is about to tire. It isn't clear if this will be a bar on screen or more of a visual indicator with Noctis' behaviour.

Tabata said in a message that this is a different game than what Final Fantasy Versus XIII would have been and there have been changes to make this the best game they can make.

What are your thoughts on these points or others given in their ATR?
Square Enix has announced via Twitter today that they will be releasing the 2.0 update for Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae in early June – originally scheduled to release in late May. The update will include additional features to the combat systems, camera angle improvements, targeting and gameplay enhancements.

More information on the update is promised to come at a later date.



Hopes and Expectations

With the possibility of a patched demo coming out sometime soon what are you hoping will get fixed up the most?

Personally I'm hoping that the camera and lock on system gets a tweaking. I really wish the camera could be scrolled in or out. I want to be able to look at some things in more detail while I also want to be able to take in the landscape without 60% of the screen being taken up by the player.

I wouldn't mind more amusing conversations between the boys being added in, but I doubt that's on their list of to dos.

What are you hoping for?

Tech demo

check out this tech demo running on DirectX 12 on PC featuring footage we've never seen before c: